The Yamaha EZ-200 is a quality keyboard designed for both beginners and the casual keyboard player. There are a number of features that make this such a popular instrument and you will learn those here in this review.

Although not the least expensive keyboard, The Yamaha EZ-200 is loaded with features that make it a very worthwhile, especially for beginners. This is also a very fun and easy music learning instrument for kids.

Yamaha is known throughout the world for its high quality products and attention to detail and none of that has been lost here. Even though considered a beginner keyboard, this has been referred by many as a digital grand piano.

It comes programmed with over 100 songs. This is there to help make the learning fun and on all fronts it works. One user said “it makes learning as easy as one-to-three.”

All you have to do is select a song, pick if you are a left-handed or right-handed player and hit start.

As the song plays the keys light up so the user knows the right keys to strike and can play along.

This lighted key feature can be very easy to learn with if you are just starting out. It is a feature that can be turned off as a person progresses in their playing ability.

In addition to the loaded songs the Yamaha EZ-200 comes with an assortment of other musical styles. For instance using this feature you can play Big Band, Rock, or Country as examples.

This keyboard is noted for having very good sound quality considering it is a lower end instrument. It comes with true stereo speakers, which doesn’t hurt.

Many people who buy EZ-200 opt for the bundle package which includes headphones, stand, music rest, song book and an AC power supply.

Here is an important tip, especially if this is for a beginner-you want the headphones. That way all sounds they make as they practice and learn won’t disturb others nearby.

On the spec side it has: 61 regular piano size keys, 3 notes of polyphony and 367 high quality note variations.

Having regular size keys is important, especially if the student ever plans to graduate to a traditional piano.

All this being said, one of the best ways to purchase this, or any musical keyboard, is to read the reviews of others that have already bought one like you are considering. You have to know that if a person takes the time to write a review they must have pretty strong opinions one way or another.

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