Masks made of latex are very popular around Halloween, they can be a fantastic finishing touch to a costume. They are usually made from synthetic latex rubber, though some of the masks can be made from other materials such as silicone rubber or vinyl. Nowadays they are used widely as special effects in movies to make a certain idea or look seem completely realistic. Eerily so sometimes!

Latex material offers the mask creator a wonderful medium to express a vast array of different worlds such as beauty, fantasy, ugliness, evil, alien beings and horror. This horror aspect is what makes latex masks so popular at Halloween. The grotesque aspect can be so well represented by using Latex. The medium of latex allows the wearer of the mask to be encased in the whole experience. The outward appearance can also be so incredibly convincing, and in some cases terrifying.

Masks have been used throughout history for just about everything from celebrations to funerals, one of the most famous being the Egyptian funeral mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Another example of masks in history are the ones used for protection as the Roman gladiator mask was used. These were worn during bloody sporting events put together for the entertainment of the Roman emperor and nobles.

Masks have also been used for entertainment and can be traced back to the days of Greek theater. Theater masks were often elaborately decorated so as to hold the audiences attention.

As far as modern day is concerned, we still use masks a lot in our society, especially in the entertainment field. Movie special effects professionals rely on them heavily to attain the visual effect they are looking for. Latex masks are capable of portraying various guises, really it all comes down to how imaginative you can be.

Masks have the ability to free people. Whether it’s with theater masks, masquerade ball masks, or Halloween masks, the anonymity and mysterious effects that they portray are difficult to duplicate with simple make up and most times they leave people wondering as to who you are.

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