It may or may not come as a surprise that the skin is the largest organ in the body; as such, you should carefully consider what you apply to it. Body care basics range from the soaps, scrubs and washes you use in the shower to fragrances, finishing products and colour cosmetics you apply when doing your makeup. While the product choices are seemingly endless, your body care collection should be carefully selected and tailored to your needs. Take the guesswork out of choosing your body care essentials and read up on anything from all-in-one; give me cosmetics reviews to Boots, Carethy and more. Body Care Products are essential and often underrated; therefore, a guide to the basics is an excellent place for beginners to get started.

Step-by-step body care product routine for beginners

Aside from basic hygiene, a body care routine is a superb form of self-care and a way to transform yourself and enjoy the skin you’re in. These steps will ensure you feel and look fresh, starting at the very foundation of body care.

Step 1: Cleanse

Removing buildup, dead skin cells, and general dirt and debris from the day is essential. Choosing gentle personal care products eliminates impurities from the hair and skin, leaving you refreshed and ready for the next steps. Choose shampoos, soaps and washes free from chemical nasties like Phthalates, fragrances and Sodium Laureth Sulfates to avoid stripping oils from your hair and compromising the skin barrier. 

Step 2: Exfoliate

While both are excellent for sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing glowy, bouncy skin beneath, each has a different action. Be extra gentle with mechanical exfoliators, which usually include microbeads, granules, or natural abrasives to scrub the skin’s surface physically. Chemical exfoliants utilise enzymes, Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Beta Hydroxy Acids, to stimulate cell turnover. 

Step 3: Shave 

Freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin is the perfect way to prepare for shaving. Of course, this is an optional step; but a quick removal of unwanted body hair also provides a blank canvas for better absorption of products and moisturisers.

Step 4: Treat

When choosing treatments, there are plenty of options; those luxurious additions to a bare body care routine leave you feeling like you’ve just visited the spa. A rich hair treatment or hot oil tames post-shampoo frizz, leaving your locks more manageable; equally, a moisturising mask for the face or body soothes skin post-exfoliation. 

Step 5: Moisturise 

Moisturising is almost a full-step routine within itself. Immediately post-shower or bath is the ideal time to lock moisture into the skin; before it can dry thoroughly and become flaky or tight. Layer skin-boosting serums underneath a rich barrier cream for dry complexions, or use a lightweight, refreshing gel cream for oily skin. Radiant summer skin starts with a moderate application of tissue or almond oil to the body, layered first before applying a suitable body lotion. For extremely dry heels, try coating your feet in a super-rich lotion or oil and slipping them into socks while you sleep.

Body care is in the eye of the beholder.

The basic body care product routine differs widely. Everybody is beautiful and vastly different, meaning a one size fits all approach to body care doesn’t exist. The ultimate form of self-care, curate your daily routine to bring a dose of ‘me-time’ into those little moments. 

By Rehan

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